• When Jesus died, Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus, one of the Jewish leaders, took Jesus' body down from
    the cross and buried in a tomb. They placed a big stone at the entrance of the tomb.
    Those who crucified Jesus were afraid that the disciples of Jesus would take His body away unnoticed. Hence, they entrusted some soldiers to guard the tomb. On Sunday, the third day of His death, early at dawn, some pious women came to the tomb with incense and perfumes. The door of the tomb was open.
    The women saw two angels in the tomb (John 20:12). The angels said to the women that Jesus is risen. Later Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene. After that Jesus appeared to His disciples. He said to them: “Peace be with you”.


    We celebrate Easter in commemoration of of the resurrection of Jesus.
    On the 40th day of His resurrection Jesus appeared to the disciples again. He lifted up His arms and blessed them.
    After that Jesus ascended into heaven and disappeared.
    Jesus died and resurrected for us. His resurrection is the proof that Jesus is the Son of God. Let us confess with faith that
    Jesus is our Lord and God. Let us all strive to reach God the Father in heaven through Jesus who ascended into heaven.




    Let us sing

    Lord of all, O God Almighty,
    We bow down and glorify Thee;
    Jesus Lord, we humbly come,
    On bended knee and magnify Thee.
    On us men, everlasting, glorious
    Resurrection you bestow;
    To our souls you grant salvation
    And your life in us restore

    Arrange the events in proper order.


    Circles are given against each event. Number them in the
    order in which the events took place as 1, 2, etc.
    Jesus appeared to the disciples
    The women came to the tomb with incense and perfumes
    Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene
    The angels said to the women that Jesus is risen
    Jesus ascended into heaven

    Let us Pray


    Jesus, My Lord and My God,

    help us to reach our Father in heaven

    Repeat the words of Jesus

    writing in different colours.


    “Peace be with you”


    Let us imitate.


    To reach Jesus who ascended to heaven,
    let us aim at heaven and live doing good.