•                                   The Commandments which God gave in the Old Testament and the commandment of love which Jesus gave in the New Testament help man to lead a good life.The essence of these commandments is to keep away from evil and do good.In spite of that,man falls a prey to evil when we commit sin,we are troubled and we repent of that.It is the divine power within each human being that helps to do this.




                                          By birth,each human being has an internal power.This inner power tells us what to do and what we should not.On each occasion,this eternal power persuades us to do good.Conscience is the powerful interior voice that inspires a person with good and persuades him to act accordingly.Conscience is the voice of God.Though this voice comes from the interior of man,it is not human,it is divine.

                                          Conscience tells us to give up evil and to accept goodness.If we heed to the voice of conscience from the heart,it will leads us to goodness.When we rebel against conscience,evil would grow in us.The second Vatican council teaches us,referring to the conscience,that it is a law written by God in each man’s heart.



    Good and Evil in Man


                               Man loves goodness and wishes to do good.He likes to have values like truth,Justice,sacrifice,love etc.the different expressions of goodness.He has the freedom to practice them too.The decision man takes in  this freedom is known as the decision of the conscience.

                             We often see good people doing evil acts.The reason for this is the influence of evil in man.The conflict between evil and good is ever present in man.St.Paul speaks of it:”I can will what is right,but I cannot do it.For I do not do the good I want,but the evil I do not want is what I do”(Rom 7:18-19).


               Conscience in the Holy  Bible


                                       In the Old Testament,the word ‘conscience’ is not usually used.In the Old Testament,conscience meant heart.It is the heart that inspires us to do good.But in the New Testament St.paul teaches in detail about conscience.He says that,those who have not accepted the commandments of God should act according to the voice of their conscience.They have not received any special law.At the same time they have naturally received the law in their heart.Their obedience to the conscience is equal to keeping the law.


               Conscience and Faith


                               For those who believe in jesus ,the faith itself  is the basis for their conscience.Hence,the faithful will have to form their conscience according to the principles and teachings of their faith.The moral voice formed according to Christian faith is Christian conscience. 

                              The spirit of god permeates all men,Gods children.Hence we say the voice of conscience is the voice of God.But,for Christians who have received the Holy spirit through baptism and anointing,this spirit will specially help them in the decisions of their conscience.St.Paul teaches us,”my conscience is inspired by the Holy spirit”(Rom.9:1).



    Formation of Conscience


                                        Good conscience helps man,who does evil in spite of his desire to do good,to lead a life in goodness.Formation of good conscience is necessary for true Christian life.The first thing in the formation of good consciences is to discern what is good and what is evil.It is necessary to have training for this discernment.For us Christians,the Word of God and the teachings of the Church will help us to get this knowledge.


                                          The second thing is the training of the mind to take decisions giving up evil and accepting the good.This training gives the mind the power and maturity to face the challenges of living in goodness and to remain faithful to it.It also gives the attitude to do good and love God and our brethren.These are the important factors in the formation of conscience.


                Formation of Christian Conscience


                                   Christian conscience is that conscience which is formed according to the word of God and the teachings of the Church.If we have   not formed a good conscience,our decisions may not be right.Hance we must take care to form a Christian conscience. The following factors will help us in this.

    1. Get  proper knowledge: we must gain knowledge and training in human and Christian values. Thus we get knowledge  to evaluate good and evil in all circumstances.
    2. Clear the doubts: decisions should be taken in the light of the right knowledge of good and evil. If we have any doubts, either read good books or consult people with knowledge and discretion. then   we will be able to talk proper decisions.
    3. Preserve the freedom of mind: conscience can work only in an atmosphere  of freedom. We must try not to lose the freedom of conscience by one’s own selfishness and undue influence of other people. then only we will be able to act accourding to the promptings of the conscience.
    4. Seek the assistance of the holy spirit: we need  the power of the holy spirit to discern good and evil.to choose the goodand act accordingly. The gifts on the holy spirit will help us here. Hance we have to pray to the holy spirit.


                            A conscience formed according to the word god and teaching of the church will help us to grow in true discipleship of Christ.if we have formed the right conscience, we will  be able to examine our conscience sincerely and regulate our lives accordingly. A good Christian conscience is the right means for the true Christian life in this world with different problems and difficulties.



    Let us pray


    O God who inspires us to avoid evil and do good through our conscience help us to live according to the voice of our conscience.


    Let us read and narrate


     Rom 2:1-16


    Word of god for our guidance


    They must hold fast to the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience (1 tim 3:9)


    Let us do


          Discuss with your friends on conscience and promptings   of the conscience.


    My resolution


    I will to the voice of my conscience and act accordingly