The broad sky.
    The sun that gives light
    The stars that twinkle
    The moon shedding bright light
    The earth that is productive and yielding 
    Animals, birds, trees, seas, rivers, fishes…..
     God created everything. 

    Let us colour

    these things created by God


    Please Repeat


    In the beginning God created heaven and earth and everything in it.
    God created everything from nothingness. God is all powerful



    Let us pray

    O God, all powerful joining with all your creation,
    we praise you.

    Let us sing

    Great and mighty is our God, Maker of Heav'n and earth;
    All creation bless the Lord, For great and mighty is He.

    A beautiful animal God created for us is hidden in these dots.

    Let us memorise

    “In the beginning when God created
     the heavens and the earth’’ 
    (Genesis 1:1)


    Find out Answers

    Let us Enlighten our Hearts