In the beginning God created 
    human beings as man and woman. 
    The first Man is Adam
     The first Woman is Eve

    God created man in His

    image and likeness

    God created my father and mother,
    my elder brother and sister,
     younger brother, sister and my friends. 
    God created me too.
    God created me. God loves me.
    It is God who gives life.
    God is the
    Lord of life.


    Let us pray


    Oh my loving God, my creator, I praise you.

    Who else are there in my home?

    Father, Mother, Brother, Sister

    Let us sing


    My God is love,

    My God is life,

    He's my Creator blest.

    My God is great,

    My God is good,

    He's my Father above.

    Let us memorise.

    “It is he that made us, and we are his;”

    (Psalm 100:3)


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