• There, in the East, existed a garden. The garden was full of trees. Everywhere there were fragrant flowers in different colours and
    attractive delicious fruits. A beautiful river was flowing through the garden.
    In the middle of that garden there were two trees; The tree of life and the tree of good and evil.
    What a beautiful garden! This is the Garden of Eden. This garden is also known as Paradise. God prepared
    this garden for Adam and Eve to live in. What a loving God is our God!
    Adam and Eve loved and obeyed God, and thus lived happily.

    They lived with God.


    They lived happily in the Garden of Eden.

    When we live with God, we are happy.


    Don't we want to be happy?

    What shall we do to be happy?
    If we want to be happy we must live with God.
    When we live with our parents, don't we feel happy?
    God loves us very much. He longs to live with us.
    If we love and obey God, we will also be happy.
    The joy that we obtain by living with
    God is the joy of Paradise.

    Let us sing


    Love it was that made us,

    And it was love that saved us,

    Love was God's plan,

    When He made man,
    God's divine nature is love.
    Love is a wonderful thing,
    Joy in our hearts it will bring,
    Where there is love there is God,
    And where there is God there is love.

    Let us find out and give colour.

    Find out what we gain while we live with God.
    When you find out, please colour
    the square parallel to it.
    comfort goodness fear peace
    sorrow  , jealousy ,  joy , hope


    Let us find the way.

    Find out the way to Eden which is full
    of blessings and fortunes.

    Garden of Eden

    Peace , Joy, Goodness , Comfort , Love

    Let us pray

    O my loving God,
    give me the grace
    to live with you.

    My decision

    I will love and obey my God who loves me