• Jesus taught people everyday and He healed the sick. People always crowded around him. Once, Jesus and His disciples
    went to a distant place for rest. It was a lonely place. When people knew that Jesus was there, they rushed to that place. Jesus felt compassion for them. He taught them many things and healed the sick among them.
    By evening, they were hungry and tired. But they did not move away from Him. Jesus asked his disciples to give them food.
    The disciples were in trouble because they did not have anything with them. But a boy among the crowd had  five loaves bread and two fish.The crowd numbered 5000.


    Jesus understood the helplessness of His disciples. He instructed them to let the people sit on the lawn. Jesus took that loaves of bread and fish in His hands, blessed it, broke it and entrusted it to his disciples. They served it. Everybody ate in plenty and was satisfied. The disciples collected baskets of bread - the balance (John 6:1-15).


    Jesus helps us in our needs. Jesus, who feeds us materially, feeds us spiritually too. The Holy Eucharist is the food of
    our soul. We receive Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. Jesus says “I am the bread of life” (John 6:48).
    Jesus is the son of God. He instituted the Holy Eucharist to give us life.
    The Holy Eucharist is the bread of life.



    Let us sing


    O, give thanks to the Lord for he is good (3)

    Yes, eternal is his love
    The Almighty is faithful forever,
    He is just to the poor and the outraged,
    It is He who gives bread to the hungry,
    Who delivers the captives from their chains.
    He gives sight to the blind in his mercy
    And he raises the lowly, the humble,
    It is He who gives shelter to strangers,
    Every widow and orphan He defends.

    Let us pray


    Jesus, who satisfied the hungry by
    multiplying the bread, help us
    in our moments of need.

    Arrange the baskets in the order in which the events took place.

    Jesus ,broke  took the bread,gave,blessed

    Show the connections.

    Explain the relationship between the numbers
    and the events.

    Complete the picture & colour it.

    The Holy Eucharist - the bread of life.

    Let us imitate.


    Like Jesus who shared bread with the hungry,

    let us share all our gifts with others.