• One evening God came to the Garden of Eden to see Adam and Eve. When they heard His footsteps,
    they were frightened. “The man and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the
    LORD God among the trees of the Garden” (Genesis 3:8)
    God felt sad when Adam and Eve, whom he created in His own Image and likeness, moved away from Him. He sought after them. They did not have the courage to face God since they acted against His command. Since they acted against His command they got proper punishment. God expelled them from the Garden of Eden.
    Even then, He was merciful towards them. With a compassionate heart, He promised a Saviour for them.

    God loves each and every one of us. When we sin, He feels sad and He is pained.
    Sin takes the joy away.
    Have you ever been punished by your parents? Even though they punish, don't they show love towards you?
    When we commit mistakes God punishes us, still He loves us. God came in search of Adam and Eve who
    disobeyed Him. In the same way, He comes after us.
    Even if we move away from Him through sin, He is always in search of us.
    Our God is a God who comes after us.


    Let us sing


    We have found a friend in Jesus,

    O how he loves!
    'Tis his great desire to bless us,
    O how he loves!
    Though we sin he will forgive us,
    If we're lost come searching for us,
    By our names he gently calls us,
    O how he loves!

    Give colour and fill in

    Our God is one who comes after us.


    Looking at the pictures

    can you narrate the story?


    Let us pray


    God, our loving Father, who comes after us, we praise You.


    Let us find out and remember.


    Discover the word of God hidden in the petals of this flower.
    Write it in the column with colours
    doesnot like,  Any one of these little ones,  My heavenly Father,
    be damned

    My decision

    I will not offend my God by sin.