• “ Therefore the LORD God sent him forth from the Garden of Eden, to till the ground from which he was taken” (Genesis 3.23)
    Adam and Eve, who were expelled from Eden, had to go through a lot of sufferings. They worked in the soil filled with thorns and thorny bushes. Sweating, they worked hard for their daily food. Adam and Eve suffered a lot. They were not able to see God too.
    God felt compassion towards Adam and Eve when he saw their sufferings. Though they committed sin, he did not desert them. For, God loved them. He promised a Saviour so that they may be saved. Though man sinned and fled from Him, God was merciful
    to them. Jesus, born of Virgin Mary, is the Saviour that God promised.
    God is merciful, he loves everyone.


    Colour the sentence repeatedly

    God is merciful.


    Let us sing


    Adam and Eve they broke God's command;

    Were driven out of Eden by His mighty hand.
    Many the trials and troubles they had,
    Sweating and toiling on earth's dreary land.
    Yet God had pity and promised to send
    A Saviour, their suffering and sorrows to end.

    What is in the gift box?


    Find out the word by connecting the letters in the
    circles and write it colorfully in the gift box.
    S O U L ,   A S H   ,  V I O L E T
    R A I N  , C O A T  ,   O U T   , R I N G
    Answer .................................................


    Let us remember

    “For the LORD is good; his steadfast love endures forever,
    and his faithfulness to all generations”
    (Psalm 100 : 5)

    Take the proper words from the word kit

    and complete the word wheel.


    Our Lord is

    Forgiving , Merciful ,  Loving ,  Saviour, merciful


    Let us pray


    O my merciful God, I thank you for your
    great love. Thank you for the promise
    of the Saviour

    My decision.

    I will behave lovingly to my friends
    even when they quarrel with me.