• Adam and Eve lived with God in the garden of Eden.

    They received life from God and they lived happily.


    Varieties of fruits were there in that garden.

    The Trees produced different kinds of fruits,attractive

    To look at and very tasty.God entrusted man to

    Cultivate and maintain this garden.God said

    “You may freely eat of every tree of the garden; but of

    The tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall

    not eat”(Genesis 2: 16-17)


    This tree was in the middile of the garden.Its fruit was

    Very attractive to see.Satan Tempted Eve to eat it.

    Satan said that they will become like God if they eat it.

    Eve listened to Satan and ate the fruit.She gave it to Adam too.He also ate it.


    They rejected the command of God

    And accepted the advice of Satan.They disobeyed God.

    Thus they sinned.When we disobey the command of God we sin.


    As usual,God our Lord came to the garden in the evening to walk with them.Adam and Eve

    Were not able to run to Him joyfully because they had acted against Him.

    They were shy and afraid.They felt uneasy to stand before God.They hid themselves among the trees.



    God desires that man comes to Him

    And lives with him.He gives chances for that too-

    But man often misuses those chances.


    God asked Adam who drifted away from Him;

    Adam where are you? He replied: I am afraid; because

    Iam naked and so Ihid(Genesis 3:9-10).


    We should not be like Adam and Eve who moved away

    From God.God is our Father.He gave us life.

    He gave us love.He gave us his image and likeness.

    We have to obey His commands.

    “Happy are those whose way is blameless,who walk in the law of the Lord”(Psalm 119:1).


    We should not listen to the word of Satan and

    Thus go away from God.

    We should not feel straid and shy to remain close to God.

    What we must fear is to remain close with Satan.


    Let us love God,obey God and be with Him.



    Let us pray


    O my God,who gave me life,let me

    Not go away from you.Give me the

    Strength not to listen to Satan but to

    Listen to you,O Lord.


    Let us sing


    The good God created Adam,

    And gave him Paradise;

    But he gave need to Satan’s word,

    And disobeyed God’s command

    Adam lost God’s presence,

    He lost all peace and joy.

    If we love God and Him we obey,

    Then heaven we shall enjoy.




    Recall the occasions when you committed mistake.

    What did you feel then? select from the following and write



    Select the words and fill the columns


    you are given several words,Some of them are to be deserted &others are to be accepted List them in the appropriate columns.

    (God ,Sathan,Parents,Teachers,Good friends,Bad films,God books,Bad words,Bad pictures)


    To be accepted


    To be deserted


    My decision


    1. I will not tell lie 2. I will obey my parents

    3.I will pray daily.