• God  punished our first parents who sinned.God said to Adam:

    You must work hard to earn your living.Get your food with hard work.As a result of your sin,

    The earth will produce thorns and thorny bushes.

    God said to Eve: you will give birth to children in pain.


    God punished Cain who murdered Abel.He became cursed on

    Earth.He had to wander.He did not get any yield from his labour.

    As time passed,sin also increased.

    "The LORD saw that the wickedness of humankind was great in the earth,

    and that every inclination of the thoughts of their hearts was only evil continually“ (Genesis 6:5)

    But there was one good man among them named Noah.

    He lived a life pleasing to God.God was pleased with him.

    God said to Noah: I have decided to destroy all

    creatures on earth.Make an ark.I am going to destroy

    The whole world with flood(Genesis 6:13-17)


    Noah made the ark according to the instruction of God.

    “Then the LORD said to Noah Go into the ark,you and all your household” (Genesis 7:1)

    Noah and his family entered the ark.As per the instruction of God,pairs (male and female) of each category of creatures were also  in the ark.The flood began.It rained continuously for forty days and nights.The level of water rose so high that even the mountains were under water.All men and creatures on earth died.Only Noah and his family in the ark were saved.



    In this way God punished the generation who sinned.But he saved Noah and his family who were just.After the flood,God blessed Noah and established a covenant with him.As a sign of that,God set the rainbow in the clouds.


    Through the sons of Noah,the number of men increased.They started sinning against God.

    “Then they said,Come let us build ourselves a city,and a tower with its top in the heavens ,and let us make a name for ourselves;”(Genesis 11:4).Filled with pride,they began to build a tower without God to keep up their prestige.God did not like it.


    Hence He scattered them by making them use strange languages .They were not able to understand one another.

    Thus,they got dispersed into several places.

    We too rebel against God our Father and reject His love.The effect of sin is destruction.When we rebel against God,we fall.we lose our divine life.We have to live like Noah,who was dear to God.


    Let us pray


    God my creator ,help me

    Not to sin against you.


    Let us sing


    Righteous Noah obeyed God’s words,

    And filled his ark with beasts and birds.

    The Tower of Babel was built by men,

    Whom God did scatter for being vain.

    Children,learn this lesson well:

    Let your hearts with pride never swell.