• The Israelites promised that they will keep God’s commandments.But they didn’t keep their word.When returned from Mount Sinai he saw that they had made a golden calf and were dancing around it and worshiping it.Thus they violated God’s first commandment itself.

    God created man to live a happy life.If we obey God’s commandments,we will be happy.Commandments show us the way to live happily.Besides that when we obey God’s commandments we love Him too.We,the children of God,must obey God’s commandments and live in love.”Everyone who commits sin is guilty of lawlessness;sin is lawlessness”(1 John 3:4).

    Because sin is violation of God’s commandment.

    Jesus tells us:”If you keep my commandments,you will abide in my love,just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love”(John 15:10).It is God the Father who gave us the ten commandments.When we obey these commandments we love God.

    Jesus is our model.He obeyed His Father’s commandments and loved Him and remained s love.If we obey God’s commandments like Jesus and live accordingly,we will be friends of God.When we violate these commandments,we rebel against Him.It is in.


    We can contain these ten commandments in two.Love God above all and love your neighbor as you love yourself.Hence,it is sin not to love God and man.Our journey of life towards heaven has to move along these two tra:

    The love of God d the love of man.


    We may betemptd to violateGod’s commandments.Such instigation are temptation.The same Satan who tempted Adam and eve,tempts us too.Evil desires,circumstances and influences become temptation.They lead us to sin.Hence we must fight against them and overcome them.


    Satan tmpted Jesus too.But Jesus fought against him and defeated him.Jesus has taought us how to conquer temptation.Jesus says:”Why are you sleeping? Get up and pray that you may not come into the time of trial”(Luke 22:46).

    As Jesus said if we are empowered by prayer,

    We will be able to conquer Ssatan and his temptation.


    Let us pray


    Jesus,who obeyed Father’s

    Commandments,help us to obey

    Your commandments and love you.

    God,s Commandments

    1.If we obey we will have

    2.If we violate we will have

    Take the appropriate word from the word bag and write



    Let us sing


    The God of love gave us his children,

    Ten commandments for to keep;

    To help us walk the way of truth,

    And live a life of joy and peace.

    If we strive to keep them daily,

    Evil we can e’er resist;

    If we pray,we will be strong,

    Able Satan’s plans to foil.


    My decision


    Just like Jesus,I will fight the temptation in my life

    With the power of prayer.