• Jesus is the son of God who became man to give us salvation.Jesus,was born in Bethlehemem and grew in Nazareth.He lived in a small house in Nazareth with His mother Mary and his foster-father Joseph.

    Jesus,the Jewish boy,obeyed  God’s commands in all things.

    Jesus helped Josesh in his work as a carpenter.He also assisted his mother in her works.He was obedient to His parents.on Sabbath day,He went to the Synagogue according to the Jewish law and participated in the prayers and studies.Every year,He went to the temple and took part in their festal celebrations.Thus he grew up.His parents and everybody else were pleased with Him.


    St.Luke,the evangelist records of Jesus thus:”And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years,and in divine and human favor”(Luke 2:52)

    1.Jesus grew in wisdom.

    2.Jesus grew in age.

    3.Jesus grew in favour with God.

    4.Jesus grew in favour with men.

    Like Jesus,we too have to grow in wisdom,age and in favour with God and men.It is made possible when we obey these commandments.

    Jesus,who was born a Jew observed not only God’s commandments but also the special rules of Jewish society.Similarly we,who have become the members of the Catholic Church through baptism,have to obey the laws of the Church along with God’s commandments.The Church gives five commandments.When we obey them we grow as children of God and members of the Church.


    Five precepts of the Church

    1.You shall attend Holy Mass on Sundays and days of obligation.

    2.You shall confess your sins at least once a year and receive holy communion during the Easter season.

    3.You shall keep fast and abstinence on the days fixed by the Church.

    4.You shall not celebrate marriage in forbidden seasons and with forbidden people.

    5.You shall contribute to the support of the Church and the Pastors according to the norms fixed by the authorities of the Church.


    Obligatory feast days


    Dhukrana of St.Thomas (July 3)

    The assumption of our BI.Mother(Aug 15)

    Christmas(Dec 25)


    Days of abstinence from meat


    Day of vibhoothi(First day of the great lent) and all Fridays in the year except the Fridays between Christmas and Denaha and Friday after Easter.


    Fasting days


    Day of Vibhoothi & Good Friday.


    Lets us pray


    Jesus who obeyed your parents,give me

    The blessing to grow in wisdom,age

    And in favour with God and men.


    Lets us sing


    Let us grow in wisdom,in stature,

    And with God and people in favour.

    Learn by heart

    The precepts of the Church.


    My decision


    Like Jesus who obeyed the laws,

    I will obey the laws of the Church