Once, Nicodemus, a Jewish leader,came to Jesus and started talking about the miracles Jesus performed.while talking,Jesus said to him: "Very truly, I tell you , no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above"(John 3:3).

    Due to the sin of our first parents,all of us are born in sin.The influence of this sin takes us away from good and tempts us to do evil.We call this sinful state 'Original sin'. The sacrament of Baptism gives us a new birth .By this,We are made children of God we are no longer slaves to sin.

    In Baptism, we are born again of water and Spirit.It purifies us from orginal sin and all actual sins, if any.Thereby we also become participants of divine life and heirs to heaven.


    In Baptism we are set free from sin and we begin our life in Jesus.Hence we term Baptism an 'entrance to Christian life'.The meaning of the term 'Baptism' is 'immersion' or 'bath'

    We become the children of God and members of the Church by participating in the divine life through Baptism.Thus we become the members of the body of Christ and enter into ecclesial community.


    Baptism is the sacrament that sets us free from orginal sin and actual sin,if any,and makes us children of God,members of the church and heirs to heaven.


    The ceremony of Baptism begins at the entrance of the church.There the celebrant asks the candidate:


    Do you want to be set free from the slavery of satan?


    Celebrant:Do you give up sin and sinful ways?

    Ans:yes, I do

    Cele:Do you accept Jesus as your saviour?

    Ans:I accept

    The celebrant anoints the candidate.Then the candidate is allowed to enter the church as a symbol of letting the candidate enter into the Church- the body of Christ.


    It is the godfather & godmother who make the promise and recite the creed for the infant who receives Baptism.If adults receive Baptism,they themselves do it.Baptism can be given in three different ways.In the name of the Holy Trinity the candidate may be immersed in water and lifted up thrice.The candidate is made to sit in water and water be poured out on the candidate thrice with the sign of the cross,or the celebrant may pour out water thrice on the candidate with the sign of the cross.

    FirstAnointing                                              - Purification

    SecondAnointing                                         -Birth in the Holy Sprit

    Pouring of water on the head                      -Dying to sin and being born in Jesus

    ThirdAnointing                                             - Anointing in the Holy Spirit

    Giving White garment                                  -New life of grace

    Giving lighted candle                                  -Symbol that he/she is to be the light of the world.


    Jesus desired that through baptism all should become children of God sharing divine life.He said to his disciples: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations,baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"(Matthew 28:19). 

    When we received baptism we got divine life and the status of the children of God.We also become members of the Church.Let us be earnest in not losing the fruits of this holy sacrament.



    Fruits Of Baptism

    Sets us free from sin

    Gives us divine life

    Make us children of God

    Makes us members of the Church

    Makes us heirs to heaven       


    Let Us Pray

    O God you who blessed us to be the members of

    the body of Christ through Baptism,give us the grace

    not to lose the divine life in us.


    A Word Of God to remember


    "Very truely, I tell you,no one can enter the

    Kingdom of God without being born of

    water and Spirit"(John 3:5).


    Let us read the Word of God

    with devotion

    John 3: 1-8


    My decision


    I will learn the creed by heart




    I believe in God, the Father almighty,

    Creator of all things visible and invisible, and in one Lord

    Jesus Christ,the only begotten Son of God,

    the first born of all creation,born of the Father before all ages,

    and not made,true God from true God,

    consubstantial with his Father.

    Through Him the worlds were formed and all things

    were created.

    For the sake of us men and for our salvation He came down

    from heaven;and become incarnate by the Holy Spirit

    and become man,and was conceived and

    born of the Virgin Mary.

    He suffered and was crucified in the days of Pontius Pilate

    and died and was buried;and on the third day rose again

    as it is written.

    He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of 

    His Father.

    He will come again to judge the living and the dead.

    I believe in one Holy Spirit ; the spirit of truth,who

    proceeds from the Father(and the Son)

    the life-giving Spirit.

    I believe in one,holy,catholic,and apostolic Church.

    I confess one baptism for the remission

    of sins,the resurrection of the body,and life everlasting.



    Let Us do

    Collect the information and write


    1. Baptismal name                                                    :


    2.Godfather,godmother                                              :

    3. Date of baptism                                                      :

    4.The church where you received baptism                 : 

    5.The priest who baptised you                                    :

    6.Your motto                                                                :