A man had two sons.The younger of the two got his father’s share of wealth and went to a distant place.He squandered his money lavishly.When he spent everything,he was in misery.Since he had nothing with him,he longed for a bit of food.He went to one of the citizens of that country to get some food.He appointed him to look after the pigs.He desired to fill his stomach with the husks  given to the pigs.But he did not get even that.Then he came to his senses.He recalled his own loving father and the abundance and luxury of his father’s house.He regretted that he failed to reconnise his fathers’s house.He regretted that he failed to recognize his father’s love and felt sorry for having deserted his father and his own house.He decided to return to his loving father in his house.He turnedhis steps homeward,deciding to confess his sins to his loving father and ask his pardon.As for the father,he had been eargerly waiting for his son’s return.The father saw his son from the distance,ran to him,embraced him,kissed him and accepted him in his home as his own son.The son was sincerely sorry for rebelling and hurting his loving father(Luke 15:11-24).



    Our God is like that loving father who was waiting for his lost son with much pain.If our love towards this God is sincere,our repentance will be perfect.

    The sorrow that comes from the fear of punishment for our sins and hatred towards sin is not perfect repentance.They must lead us to perfect repentance.

    Sin is the violation of the commandments of God who is love Himself.When we sin,we lose divine life and we drift away from God’s love.There are two types of sin.Mortal sin and Venial sin.If we violate God’s commandments in a light manner,it is Venial sin.Similarly,if we violate God’s law in serious matters without complete knowledge and consent,it is Venial sin.When we violate God’s commandments in serious matters with complete knowledge and consent,it is mortal sin.


    We must get forgiveness of sin in the case of mortal and Venial sins.The sacrament of reconciliation is the sacrament of receiving forgiveness for all kinds of sins.Mortal sins can be absolved only through the sacrament of reconciliation.We get forgiveness of Venial sins through perfect repentance and the reconciliation service of the Holy Mass.

    Jesus gave his apostles the power to forgive sins.”If you forgive the sins of any,they are forgiven them;If you retain the sins of any,they are retained”(John 20: 23).This power given to the apostles continues till today in the church.The church forgives sins through the Bishops,the descendants of the apostles and the priests whom they anoint and appoint.When we confess our sins with real repentance in the sacrament of reconciliation,we are confessing our sins to Jesus Himself.Jesus Himself forgives our sins in the person of the priest.


    God waits for us that we return to him with perfect contrition.He longs to forgive our sins and receive us into Him.It is this Invitation of God that He gave us through His only son,Jesus.Jesus knocks constantly at the door of our hearts for this.


    When we sin,we offend not only god.don’t our parents,brothers,sisters and others offended by our sins? When we reconcile ourselves with everyone whom we have offended,then only,reconciliation is complete.In the sacrament of reconciliation,we are reconciled with God and fellow beings.Jesus says:”So when you are offering your gift at the altar.If you remember that your brother or sister has something against you,leave your gift there before the altar and go;first be reconciled to your brother or sister,and then come and offer your gift” (Matthew 5:23-24).

    Just like the prodigal son who repented for his sins and got reconciled with his father,let us also repent for our sins and get reconciled with God and our brothers and sisters.

    Let us pray

    O Merciful Jesus, who loves sinners,

    Give us  your grace of forgiveness and the

    strength not to sin again.


    A Word of  God to remember

    “Father ,I have sinned against you and heaven

    and before you; I am no longer worthy to be

    called your son”(Luke  15:21).

    Let us read the word of

    God with devotion

    Luke 15: 11-24


    My decision

    I will repent for my sins and receive the

    sacrament of reconciliation

    Let us do


    Learn by heart the act of contrition


    Act of contrition

    O my God,I am heartily sorry for having offended you

    And I detest all my sins,because I dread the loss of heaven

    And the pains of hell,but most of all because I offended you

    My God,who are all good and deserving of all my love.

    I firmly resolve,with the help of your grace,to confess my

    Sins,to do penance and to amend my life.