God Gave Through Moses The Ten Commandments For The People Of The Old Testament. They Are The Israelites. Their Descendants Were Obliged To Keep Those Commandments. The Catholic Children Of The Church In The New Testament Also Have The Obligation To Keep These Commandments. All Of Us Are Members Of The New Israel. The Commandments Received In The Old  Testament Were Interpreted And Completed By Jesus In The New Testament.


    The laws of  the church


                                            The commandments of god are for all. No one has the right to change them. But jesus has given the authority to the church to explain, interpret and teach them. we must pay attention to accept god’s commandments and to abide by them in life according to the teaching of the church.

                                           Jesus gave his apostles the authority to teach and guidethe disciples of Christ. the church received this power through the apostles. the church teaches the faithful various means to attain salvation. the important means for salvation are the worship of god ,reception of the sacraments and obeying the commandments. along with that the church gives us certain precepts for the growth and pres ervation of the  ecclesials community.


    The precepts of the church


                                The precepts of the churchare basically five.these precepts of the church have evolved through the centuries. The members of the church have the obligation to understand the purpose behind these commandments and obey them.

    1. Participate in the holy mass on all Sundays and other days of obligation.do not do work that hinder us from keeping these days holy.

                              The is connected with the third commandment of god .holy mas or holy qurbana is the supreme worship of god in the church.participating in holy mass and receiving holy communion are blessed experiences in the life of a Christian. The power from the holy mass enables us lead a holy life.it is the obligation of the members of the church to participate in the holy mass on Sundays. The church instructs us to  participate fully in the holy mass. It is always preferable to celebrate the holy mass in one’s own parish church.it is necessary for the growth and unity of the ecclesial community.

                            We should consider Sundays as an occasions to think and act with the church. The church instructs us not to do forbidden work those days,in order that we may find time to participate  in the liturgy and do acts of charity and mercy. this commandment requires of us to celebrate other obligation days also like Sundays.

    1. Receive the sacrament of reconciliation at least once a year and receive holy   communion during the pascal season.


                              Reception of sacraments is essential in Christian life. The church instructs us to receive the sacrament of reconciliation frequently or occasionally. the essence of this commandment is that if that is not possible due to some reasons, they should receive this sacrament at least once in a year. The church proposes the pascal season for it. pascal season means the  duration from the beginning of the 50 days abstinences to the previous day of the feast of the holy trinity.the church celebrates the commemorations of the salvific mysteries during this season especially the holy week. Hence the church  teaches us to make this season as an occasion for annual confession.


    1. Keep fast on the fixed days and avoid forbidden  food  during  those days.


                         Fasting and abstinence are part of Christian life.  The church fixed  certain days and seasons for all it members to abide by these obligation. the faithful has the obligation to fast on those days. the church instructs to abstain from meat on Fridays and during  the Lenten seson. The church also encourages us the members of the church together with the abstinence from meat to abstain  also from certain type of food and to do certain penitential acts along with it. It will strengthen Christian life.


    1. Do not celebrate marriage on forbidden days or marry certain  persons whom the church has for forbidden.


                                Advance and Lenten sesons are days of sacrifice. It is not occasion for celebrations, hence the church does not   allow the celebration of marriage or  other celebrations during those days.  similarly, the church insists that its members marry and get   married only to a person who obeys the commandments to marry or get married to such forbidden persons. This is the essence of this commandment.


    1.  Give the share and contributions fixed by the bishops for the subsistence of the churches and priests.

                                        The commandment reminds us that it is the duty of the church community to protect the church and the poor and provide the necessary help the necessary help to the subsistence of priests. The church is a place for the people of god to come together for the worship of god especially the holy mass. It is the duty of the people of god to construct the church the place for the worship of god. They should also provide for the various needs of the church. The church is also a centre for the growth  and welfare of the parish community hence the faithful have the obligation to give the necessary financial help to the church.

                               Priests are serving the people of god. These are also other persons connected with the service of the church . theparishioners have the duty to provide for them also.hence the bishops fix the amount to be given to the church,the servants of the church and the poor on different occasions. That is called 1/10 the members of the church have the duty to give it at the right time.

              The commandment  of the church are not as unchangeable as the commandment of god. Based on place time and culture, concessions are given in this. Only the pope and the bishops have the right to do so.


                                The commandment of the church are meant more for the discipline and unity of the church rather than the spiritual growth of the members. We must receive them as good proposal /instructions that the mother church gives her children. When we obey them with docility and fidelity we became the children of god and sons and daughter of the church.


    Let us pray


    O god help us to understand the sprit of the leaves of the church meant for our good and to live accoridingly.


    Let us read and narrate


     Mt 16:13-20


    World of god for our guidance


    Whatever you bind on earth in heaven,and whatever you loos on earth will be loosed in heaven


    Letus do


    By heart commandments of the church


    My resolution


    I will obey the commandments of the church andthus be a faithful son/daughter of the church