J e r e m i a h w a s apowerful prophet in Israel. Thecall of God came to Jeremiah like this:“Before I formed youin the womb I knew you, andbefore you were born Iconsecrated you; a prophet to the nations.” 
                        T h e n J e r e m i a hreplied: “Ah, Lord God! Truly Ido not know how to speak, for Iam only a boy.” Then the Lordsaid to Jeremiah: “Do not say Iam only a boy; for you shall goto all to whom I send you, andyou shall speak whatever Icommand you, Do not afraid ofthem; for I am with you todeliver you, says the Lord.”Then the Lord put forth his hand and touched his mouth and said,  “Now, I have put my words in your mouth. See, today I appoint you over nations and over kingdoms….”(Jer. 1:4-10)
                         God sent prophets to Israel from time to time to form the people of Israel as hisown people, to make them know His will and to lead them according to His will. Leaderslike Moses, Joshua and others performed particular functions in the history of Israel. God gave His people Israel many prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Amos, Hoseaand others.

    The Uniqueness of a Prophet


                                    A prophet is the one who communicates God's message to the people. He speaks for God. He also bears witness to God's Word in his own life. As one chosen andappointed by God to make his will known to the people, his life may be far from happy. Hemay have to face rejection, Persecution or even death as he is called to raise his fingeragainst all kinds of wrong doings and abuses. However, as one led by the Spirit of God,he stands firm and bears witness to the truth to the best of his ability. The prophets of theOld Testament have shown great courage to walk into the royal palaces and point out the injustice and misdeeds of the rulers.

    The Prophetic Function of the

    Members of the Church


                                      The disciples of Jesus, on the day of Pentecost, being filled by the Holy Spirit,prophesied and spoke in various tongues. Thepeople who had gathered in Jerusalem fromdifferent parts of the world, were filled with wonderwhen they heard them. The early Christiancommunity, when they received the Holy Spirit,turned out to be a prophetic people (Acts 2:14-19).


                                      The members of the Church who receivethe Holy Spirit through Baptism and Anointingbecome a prophetic people. The prophetic peopleare those who are anointed by the Holy Spirit and led by the Holy Spirit
                                    Jesus said: “But you will receive powerwhen the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and youwill be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea andSamaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts: 1:8). To become witnesses of Jesus Christ is the mission of those who receive the Spirit and become prophets in the Church.


    The Salt of the Earth and

    Light of the World


                                      Jesus said to his disciples, “You are thesalt of the earth.” He again said to them. “You arethe light of the world.” (Mt. 5:13-14). He alsowarned us not to let salt lose its saltness and notto let the light go out. Salt preserves edible things; it also gives taste.In fulfilling their propheticfunction the members of the Church should workfor the elimination of evil in the society and to add taste to life which they experience deep within them  Wherever they are, the membersof the Church are called to bear witness to Christ through proclaiming the Word of Godand by the example of their lives. As a prophetic people, Christians are called to shedthe light of Christ on those who live in the darkness of immorality, deceitfulness and fraud.

    The Leaven of the Kingdom of God


                                    The Church is to be like leaven in the world and witness, like the prophets, to theWill of God and the values of His Kingdom. A little leaven can leaven the entire flour (Mt. 13:33).Likewise, Christians are leaven put in the world by Jesus to leaven the entiresociety in which they live, by bearing witness to truth, love, and selfless service.

    Bear Witness to Truth


                                Jesus said that “I came in to the world, to testify to the truth” (Jn. 18:37). Jesus proved this through his words and actions. Our prophetic function in the world is to bear witness to truth like Jesus. The Church should really become the conscience of theworld by fighting against untruth and injustice and by witnessing to truth, justice and  love. This is the prophetic function of the Church. John the Baptist was beheadedbecause he raised his voice against untruth. St. Thomas More, who bore courageouswitness to truth became a martyr.

    The Prophetic Function of the Laity


                                         Like the priests and the religious, the lay people have a prophetic function  Every one who becomes a member of the Church through baptism is called to be a prophet. Jesus, the greatest of all prophets, has entrusted the Church with the mission of continuing His prophetic mission in the world until His second coming. Every lay person is called to be a witness and a prophet of Jesus (Church-35).


                                 The lay persons are called to fulfil their prophetic function in the Church by strengthening themselves through the reception of the sacraments,  by leadinga life of faith and by proclaiming the gospelthrough their words and lives. Familylife has a central place in the prophetic function of the laity The husband andwife are to be witnesses of faith andlove of Jesus between them, beforetheir children and in the society in which they live. All Christians arebound to participate in the prophetic function of the Church. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, let us fulfil our prophetic function in today's world.

    Word of Godto Read and



    Is. 6:1-13

    Word of God to Remember


    Let your light shine before others, so that
    they may see your good works and give
    glory to your Father in heaven
    (Mt. 5:16).

    Let us Pray


    O God who gave prophets and leaders to the
    chosen people of God to guide and inspire
    them, help us to become your witnesses with
    the zeal of Elijah and the courage of Moses.

    My Resolution


    I shall not call a lie whatever be the

    To Think with the Church


    The holy People of God share in Christ's prophetic office by a living witness to him, especially by a life of faithand love and by offering to God a sacrifice of praise glorifying his name (Vat. II, The Church, No. 12)


    To Know the Mother Church


    Mar Abraham, tin 1597. With his death began the Latin jurisdiction over the Mar Thomma
    Christians. Rome appointed Francis Rose, a Jesuit Priest, as the first Latin Bishop
    for the Mar Thomma Christians. The Western Missionaries who considered the
    Church as the community of people who follow the Latin rite, misunderstood the
    age old traditions of the Mar Thomma Christians. With a mind to save this
    community, they tried to Latinize the sacred traditions of the Mar Thomma
    Nazranies. The age of Latin administration over the Mar Thomma Church was one
    which disrupted many traditions in the faith life of the Mar Thomma Christians.
    he last Metropolitan to be appointed by the Persian Patriarch, died