• Those who were led by the Holy Spirit witnessed to Jesus through their lives.St. Thomas,the apostle,came to india to preach Jesus.He reached kodungallor in 52 AD and preached the Gospel in many places in Kerala.Many believed in Jesus and became Christians .He established churches in 7 places:Kodungallor,palayur,Kottakkavu,Kokkamangalam,Niranam,Kollam,Chayal(Nilackal).

    St.thomas the apostle,died as a martyr in 72 AD.

    On 3rd july we celebrate the commemoration of the Martydom of St.Thomas the Apostle.This feast is known as ‘Dukhrana’,which means commemoration.

    Person who have given up their lives for the faith are called martyrs.The first matyr is St.Stephen.He was one of the deacons elected to help the apostles.He preached the Gospel and performed miracles and he was stoned to death by the jews.Stephen gave up his life praying for them.here are many martyrs like him in the Church.All the apostles except John became martyrs.There are many other martyrs in the Church like St,Sebastian,St.George,St.Agnes and St.Lgnatius of Antioch etc.


    Besides matyrs,there are many other saints in the Church like St.Francis Xavier,St.Little flower,St.Don Bosco,St.Dominic Saavio and St.Maria Goreti,St.Elias Kuriakose chavara,St.Mother Theresa of Calcutta,Blessed Thevarparampil Kunjachan,Mother Mariam Theresia,Devasahayam Pillai are also people who bore withness to Jesus in various ways by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    These saints were filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit . The fruits of the Holy Spirit are a sign that the Holy Spirit lives in that person.

    There are twelve important fruits of the Spirit.They are love,joy,peace,patience,kindness,goodness,faithfulness,meakness,longanimity,chastity,temperance and self control.

    We grow in sanctity as these fruits grow in us.It is the wish of Jesus that all of us grow in sanctity and become holy.

    When we receive baptism,we normally take the name of a saint.Their life should become our special model.When we walk the same path of the saints,we too will be heirs to heaven.We must seek their intercession for the grace to lead a life following their model.

    Guardian angels are our friends whom God has given us to help us to grow in goodness.They help us to walk constantly in the path of goodness.


    Let us pray


    Jesus,bless me to grow like saints

    In the fruits of the Holy Spirit,

    And be your witness.

    Who am I?

    I am a man,not an angel.

    Iam in heaven,not on earth.

    A model to all of us.

    Can you write who am I


    Let us a sing


    That the fruits of the Spirit

    May fill us every day,

    Enabling us to live holy lives,

    Let us pray.

    Rise up to spread the light of faith

    St.Thomas gave.

              That the fruits…….

    Go forth With Mary and

    The angels and the saints.

               That  the fruits………


    My decision


    I will lead a holy life bearing the fruits of the Holy Spirit.